Crime in Kentucky is often thought to be connected to illegal drugs. Just the possession of some substances is a crime, and being convicted of the manufacture and distribution of illegal drugs can carry heavy penalties. But you may be surprised at the number of crimes that are alcohol-related, above and beyond driving while intoxicated. This legal drug often reduces or eliminates inhibitions of people; many of us who are sensible while sober can lose control and become violent when under the influence of alcohol. January 22-28 is National Drug […]

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Some Kentucky criminal defendants are getting a surprise after having their charges dropped or being found not guilty. They’re being billed for fees incurred while they awaited a trial, which could be thousands of dollars. They didn’t ask to be in jail, they wanted to get out, but often due to bail so high they couldn’t pay it, jail is where they lived, and the county jails want to be reimbursed. David Jones was released from the Clark County jail in 2015 after all the criminal charges against him were […]

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There’s no more serious a crime than taking the life of another. Depending on the circumstances, if convicted of murder a defendant may be sentenced to life in prison or receive the death penalty. It’s rare that the family of a victim publicly forgives a person pleading guilty to murder, but that was the case in Lexington, Kentucky, last month. Trey Alexander Relford was sentenced to 31 years in prison for the murder of a Pizza Hut delivery driver in 2015, reports the Herald Leader. The 24-year-old Relford pleaded guilty […]

Technology is supposed to solve problems, not create them. DNA testing in Kentucky criminal cases should be an impartial, scientific, accurate way to determine whether a person was in contact with a crime victim or at least at the crime scene. As the use of DNA testing has expanded, more and more demands are made on it, and there’s evidence this approach to testing has been stretched beyond its limits. DNA testing uses genetic information from cells found on a crime scene, evidence or the victim to see whether genetic […]

The past three years have been the hottest on record, worldwide, according to the New York Times. Temperatures are expected to increase over time due to global warming with western Kentucky potentially having highs in the 90’s 120 days of the year from 2080 to 2099, reports the U.S. Global Change Research Center. While temperatures climb, the biggest concern of most people may be increased air conditioning costs. But for some of us without air conditioning, like those housed in Kentucky prisons, increased heat could be deadly. Most of those […]

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Probation allows someone convicted of a crime, or who pleads guilty one, to avoid jail time. The downside to this arrangement is the restrictions and limitations that come with it which, if violated, can result in the person going to jail. Many crimes in Kentucky are committed by those addicted to drugs. Often a condition of probation is that the person must get drug treatment and no longer use drugs. If addiction is a disease, should someone be punished with jail time if they use drugs and violate the terms […]

About one in 52 American adults are under parole or probation supervision by the nation’s criminal justice systems — about five million people (which is more than the entire Harvard Kennedy School. The report published in August states the opposite is true. The number of those on probation has nearly doubled to just under four million people in the past thirty years. This has strained under-resourced probation agencies, with many negative results: Massive increases in technical violations which send people back to prison A lack of meaningful interventions People staying […]

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Kentucky statutes spell out what sentence can be given for what level of crime, whether it’s a misdemeanor or felony, but there is some flexibility in what sentence a defendant in a particular case may receive. One reason it’s important to retain a defense attorney in a criminal case is that, if you choose to represent yourself, you simply won’t know how to effectively limit your potential exposure to prison time. Most criminal cases end with a plea bargain agreement. Normally that means the defendant pleads guilty to a certain […]