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Boating in Kentucky is supposed to be about having fun and relaxing. Whether it’s to go water skiing, fishing or just enjoying a beautiful day on a pontoon boat, being on the water is supposed to be about getting away from it all. For some, part of boating may be drinking, and if you’re the one piloting a boat you could be arrested for boating while intoxicated (BWI) by conservation officers of the Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources. It’s against the law in Kentucky to operate a vessel, or […]

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For what seems like several lifetimes, the news has carried the fairly constant message that drugs are a problem here and abroad. Despite being taught at an early age that drugs are harmful, many people find themselves battling with substance abuse at some point in their lives. This critical public health issue involves illegal substances as well as prescription drug abuse. Drugs are everywhere. In addition to the harm they cause to the body, they also can result in erratic and dangerous behavior. Even more alarming, drug-related overdoses and deaths […]

At the end of 2015, there were approximately 3.8 million adults on probation. This court-ordered period of correctional supervision allows offenders to stay in their communities and out of prison. With a population of more than four times that of those on parole, probation is widespread – and big business. There are many private companies competing in the probation marketplace, but the principal losers are the offenders hit with high costs, endless penalties, and fees. Marketed as a way for states to save money, those costs are passed on to […]

Lexington Criminal Defense Attorney

Generally, criminal activity falls into one of two categories: “conventional crime” and “white collar crime.” When the average person thinks of criminal activity, what comes to mind first are probably conventional crimes — in other words, any criminal offense committed against another person, someone else’s property, or involving drugs. White collar crime is a commonly used term, believed to have been coined by a criminologist around 1939 who defined it as “a crime committed by a person of respectability and high social status in the course of his occupation.” It […]

A bill signed into law by Governor Matt Bevin in March and taking effect beginning in July will make it a hate crime to harm individuals in certain occupations. What has informally been termed the “Blue Lives Matter Law” will be applied July 1 and is intended to make crimes against police, EMS workers and firefighters a hate crime. Along with Louisiana, Kentucky is the second state to sign into law a bill adding stiffer penalties for crimes against first responders. In Kentucky, when an offense is given status of […]

A new Kentucky law breaks with policy that has proven effective in other states and requires more prison time for heroin dealers and users. Kentucky HB 333, introduced to the House February 13, then sent to and amended by the Senate and passed March 30 as SB 14, was signed into law by the Governor on April 30, changing the emphasis from less incarceration and more treatment to longer prison terms and more money spent by the state. The new law rolls back many of the provisions set forth by […]

A child’s needs, we like to think, are important in the eyes of the law. Children are vulnerable and impressionable. Decisions about what is in a child’s best interests are routinely made in family court, and there are many public programs available that help children receive proper healthcare and education. However, a common situation where kids are frequently overlooked is when a parent gets arrested. The moments right before and after an arrest can be utter chaos, and often the children are forgotten. Many children witness the arrest, many experience […]

Toy guns are not a new fad. Some might even say they’re as American as apple pie. Even if you’ve never played with a BB gun or water gun, your father or grandfather has likely relayed long, complicated games of Cops and Robbers from their childhood. Then there’s that famous line from the movie A Christmas Story: “You’ll shoot your eye out!” This often repeated phrase is in response to little Ralphie’s most sought-after Christmas wish: A Red Ryder Carbine Action 200-shot Range Model Air Rifle with a compass in […]