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Kentucky Drug Crime Attorney

Probation allows someone convicted of a crime, or who pleads guilty one, to avoid jail time. The downside to this arrangement is the restrictions and limitations that come with it which, if violated, can result in the person going to jail. Many crimes in Kentucky are committed by those addicted to drugs. Often a condition of probation is that the person must get drug treatment and no longer use drugs. If addiction is a disease, should someone be punished with jail time if they use drugs and violate the terms […]

What Should You do if Charged with a Drug Crime?

Twelve million people are booked into local jails in the United States each year — the vast majority for nonviolent crimes. More than 60 percent of inmates sitting in those jails today are just awaiting trial while over $9 billion is spent annually to incarcerate them. With many people unable to afford bail and the jail population bursting at the seams, some jurisdictions are looking for new ways to overhaul their bail systems. One popular method has been to use risk-based screening tools instead of cash bail bonds to determine […]

When under “unsupervised probation,” you may or may not be given a probation officer to whom you must report. However, if you commit a misdemeanor or felony offense (but not tickets for simple violations, such as speeding) during your probation period, your probation can be revoked and you could face part or all of your sentence for your original charge. In addition, you could face a charge for the new offense you committed that caused your probation to be revoked. The prosecution’s burden of proof for a probation violation is […]

Lexington KY misdemeanor lawyer

Probation is discretionary with the trial court, and is often ordered by the court as a result of a guilty plea. When someone pleads guilty, he or she usually (but not always) gives up his or her right to appeal the case. Typically, one is not able to “appeal” the conditions of one’s probation. If you seek to have your probation modified, you should speak to an attorney. If you (or a loved one) have been arrested in Kentucky or in the Lexington area in particular, call my office at […]