Tis the Season for DUI

February 27th, 2017 by Attorney Dan Carman

Kentucky DUI Attorney
You’re at the corner of Man O War Boulevard and Harrodsburg Road. You’re wondering if that light was yellow or red when you went through it. You’re a good driver, but you realized a few miles ago that you may have had a few too many drinks to be driving. Then you see the lights. Then you hear the sirens.

Whether your idea of celebrating the holidays is sharing laughs with co-workers over dinner and drinks, meeting at your sister’s house for gifts and mulled wine, catching up with out-of-town friends at your favorite restaurant (Cheapside anyone?), or all of the above, making merry can sometimes leave you a little less prepared to drive home than you were planning. In fact, the days between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve are statistically more likely to see drivers under the influence than any other days during the year, for that very reason. It actually seems like overindulgence has become a tradition. According to a Harris poll, 50% of people say alcohol is part of their family gatherings, and 16% of adults say they drink more at the holidays than at other times of the year. A report by the makers of SCRAM continuous alcohol monitoring systems states that there is a 31% jump in DUI violations at Thanksgiving, a 48% jump on Christmas Eve, and a 106% jump on New Year’s Eve.

Driving under the influence of alcohol is a serious risk—to yourself, your passengers, and the other motorists on the road. After a few hours of drinks and laughs, it’s easy to rationalize making the quick drive home. You can just hop on Versailles Road and within 10 minutes you’ll be in your driveway, no problem. After all, you’ve only had a couple of drinks. The wise decision would be to call for a ride, but even responsible people make poor decisions sometimes.

If you’ve found yourself in this kind of holiday pickle, your head is probably spinning, and you are likely feeling vulnerable and embarrassed. DUI is not to be taken lightly, but a knowledgeable attorney can help you navigate the ins and outs, and help identify a possible defense. The case may not be as clear cut as it seems. The best way to protect your rights is to act quickly. The worst way to protect your rights is to bend the truth or refuse to allow the police officer to check your blood, breath or urine. A person is presumptively over the legal limit if they have a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of over 0.08, and you are expected to submit to a chemical test if you’re asked under Kentucky’s implied consent law.

Although there are certain penalties handed down for various DUI offenses upon conviction, having a skilled defense attorney in your corner can make a difference. There are many ways to fight or reduce a DUI charge. Whether you are under investigation for this crime or are already facing charges, you can find out more by discussing it with one of the attorneys at the Lexington, KY-based Carman Law Firm. As DUI defense lawyers with years of experience, we offer thorough, experienced representation. Call today at (859) 685-1055 or fill out this online contact form to find out how we can help you.