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My name is Dan Carman, and I am a Lexington Criminal Defense Lawyer. If you – or a family member – has been arrested on criminal charges, whether a misdemeanor or felony that will require appearing in a local, state or Federal court, I highly advise you retain the services of the best possible criminal defense attorney in Lexington who you can afford to hire.

A Former Marine Corps JAG Prosecutor & Defense Attorney Can Make The Difference In Your Criminal Matter.

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Drug Court: Should Treatment Be Denied?

By:Attorney Dan Carman
Imagine having your doctor prescribe a potentially life-saving treatment for you, but being unable to take advantage of it if you wish to stay out of jail. It has happened and continues to happen to thousands of Kentucky...


Are plea bargains really such a bargain?

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Despite the popularity of criminal courtroom television dramas such as “Law & Order” and “Matlock,” they are not 100% accurate reflections of American criminal process. Instead of jury trials, many cases are resolved through plea bargains. These negotiations...


The Limitations of Youth

By:Attorney Dan Carman
Under the mistaken impression that grown-ups can do whatever they want, many kids are in a hurry to grow up. Focusing more on the freedoms than the responsibilities of adulthood, it’s almost impossible for children not to be...