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You can never be fully prepared for a DUI arrest. Many clients our DUI lawyer has helped, have found themselves in new territory after their arrest. Fear and uncertainty are hard to manage on the side of the road. No one wants to face jail time, the thought of having a criminal record, driver’s license suspension, court fines, or embarrassment. However, the reality is that no matter what your circumstances, being arrested for DUI comes with consequences. If you’ve been arrested for DUI, you probably have dozens of questions for a Lexington DUI lawyer:

  • Will I go to jail?
    If this is your first offense, the judge can order you to spend 48 hours to 30 days in jail. However, jail time is not necessarily a given. Jail time can be replaced with an equivalent amount of community service, if the judge so orders. A second offense DUI could lead up to six months in jail, and a third offense could lead up to one year in jail.
  • How much is this going to cost me?
    A first offense DUI can result in $200 to $500 in fines. Second offenses can lead to $350 to $500 in fines. Third offenses can result in fines of $500 to $1000. These fines are rarely the only costs someone will face after being charged with a DUI. There are also hidden costs, such as those involving your insurance or bail.
  • How am I supposed to get to school or work if my license is suspended?
    In some cases, you might be able to obtain a temporary restricted license so you can drive to work, school or substance abuse treatment programs. To get that license, you might need to prove you are seeking help for substance abuse problems.
  • What’s going to happen when I go to court?
    You will go before a judge, who will verify your identity and the charges against you. The judge will ask you whether you plead guilty or not guilty. The judge will then go over the conditions of your bail to make sure you understand. Court appearances are essential for someone arrested on a DUI. Make sure you arrive early for court, dress appropriately and be respectful to the judge. Your attorney can help you through the process.
  • Does the machine that I blew into always provide accurate results?
    The accuracy of breathalyzers is a topic of some dispute. There are several different brands of breathalyzers, and it’s possible that some of these varieties might give slightly different results. Those small differences could potentially mean the difference between a drunk driving charge and no charge at all. Whether or not the results of a breathalyzer test administered by an arresting officer should be disputed should be left up to an experienced DUI lawyer.
  • How is my case different if I took a blood test?
    While breathalyzer tests are given on-site, blood tests generally are not. Instead, they are administered once the suspected drunk driver is taken to the police station. Thus, it is possible that the results of a blood test would differ from an on-site breathalyzer test. If a blood test shows that your BAC exceeds the legal limit, you will be subject to the same processes as you would with a positive breathalyzer test.
  • Is there any video evidence available?
    Many police departments in Kentucky use relatively high quality dashcams, so it is possible that there is video evidence available. Whether the footage will be helpful in your case is a determination best left up to your DWI lawyer.

These are just a few of the questions that may be swirling around in your mind. Talking with a Lexington DUI lawyer as soon as possible after you have been charged is the only way to ensure that you have the best defense and the most legal options. FOR A FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION ABOUT YOUR CASE, CALL DAN AT (859) 685-1055. The conversation will be relaxed yet informative. Dan is happy to answer any questions you have and will likely ask you some questions as well.

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After Your DUI Charge

Before and after being accused of a DUI, respectfully decline to answer the officer’s questions, because you have a constitutional right not to incriminate yourself. Tell the officer you need to speak with your attorney before answering any questions. Refuse to take tests to measure your blood alcohol content. This should make a DUI conviction more difficult though your driver’s license will be suspended. Remain calm while protecting your rights, and don’t be belligerent.


There’s a lot at stake when you’re facing a criminal charge. You may be risking your personal freedom, ability to keep a job and get a future one, financial losses, and personal and professional relationships. Being arrested and charged with a crime doesn’t mean you’ll be found guilty. Unless you know criminal and constitutional law, you may miss mistakes that were made by the police or prosecution in the handling of your case. These mistakes can be the basis for your DUI defense, and they may allow you to obtain a favorable plea bargain agreement or result in charges being dropped.

You have many rights under state and federal laws and constitutions. Those rights include remaining silent and not having to answer questions by police unless an attorney is present. You have the right to confront witnesses against you and to have a public, speedy jury trial. You have a right to receive adequate representation by a DUI attorney. You also have a right not to be tried twice for the same offense (known as “double jeopardy”). Lexington DUI Lawyer Dan Carman can help ensure all your rights are protected and the best outcome possible is secured.


The prosecutor has a gameplan. The prosecution’s strategy is to tell a story through evidence and witness testimony that will convince a fact finder that the defendant is guilty. It can include making the defendant look very dangerous and dishonest and portraying the crime victims as unfairly suffering through something they didn’t deserve.

The defense is trying to tell its own story, one where at the end of the trial the fact finder will decide that the client is not guilty (or is guilty of lesser charges and he or she will receive a lighter sentence). Through evidence and witness testimony, the DUI defense may show there’s an alibi or that the defendant lacked the desire or opportunity to commit the crime. Our Lexington DUI defense attorney makes the prosecution and its witnesses appear not credible by showing inconsistencies and contradictions in its side of the story.


Time is of the essence when you have been arrested for a DUI. If you have been placed under arrest, the first and only thing you should request is to call an attorney. We encourage you to make that call to Dan Carman. Dan is a very responsive DUI lawyer who has years of experience handling these types of cases. Dan and his team will get to work immediately on your behalf to look for every opportunity to build your defense and protect your rights.

If you or a loved one has been arrested on a DUI charge, contact Dan Carman today by calling (859) 685-1055. Put us to work on your case immediately.


When examining a DUI arrest, there is oftentimes more than meets the eye. From what happened when the police officer first noticed you in the vehicle to the time you were booked at the jail, you may have one or more defenses available to you. Police officers are required to follow rules and regulations, and it is important to have an attorney that understands exactly what they are supposed to do – and can catch it when they don’t. Acting quickly is the best way to protect your rights.

We understand that being charged with DUI is a serious matter.

As a DUI attorney in Lexington, KY, Dan Carman is ready to provide you with the strongest defense possible, starting with an evaluation of the circumstances surrounding the appropriateness of the traffic stop. He has helped countless people charged with driving under the influence to get their lives back on track.

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Legal Representation of a DUI Lawyer

A good DUI defense lawyer is one you’re comfortable working with on a matter that could result in life-altering changes. He or she is an attorney you’re confident in, who you feel understands you and who has the experience and skills to put you in the best possible position when it comes to the outcome of your case. A strong DUI defense attorney is one who’s skilled at negotiating a fair plea bargain, making legal arguments to a judge, explaining your side of the story to a jury and one who treats you with respect.


Public defenders are skilled, motivated attorneys who care about their clients, but their resources are limited. If you can’t afford a private attorney and qualify for a public defender, you’ll be in much better shape than trying to represent yourself. If you have the resources, obtain the services of a private defense attorney. Being charged with a crime can change your life. With the help of the right private DUI defense lawyer you might be able to avoid all or most of the negative consequences of a conviction.


Don’t represent yourself in a criminal matter. You won’t know what to do; you lack the knowledge needed to fully defend yourself; and you lack the skills needed to negotiate a fair plea bargain agreement or represent yourself at trial.

This lack of knowledge, experience and skills could result in your spending a long time in prison and paying a heavy fine. Would you treat yourself for cancer? Criminal charges are the legal equivalent of a potentially fatal disease. Consider the fact that even the most skilled criminal defense attorneys would never choose to represent themselves in a criminal matter. Anyone who represents themselves will likely lack credibility in the eyes of the court.

We encourage you to reach out to DWI lawyer Dan Carman immediately so he can get to work on your case. We offer free consultations to help you better understand your rights and legal options.

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Kentucky DUI / DWI Laws


Kentucky makes it illegal to operate a motor vehicle when the driver has a 0.08% blood alcohol concentration (BAC), is impaired by the use of drugs, or is intoxicated because of use of both substances. The allowable BAC is lower for minors and commercial vehicle drivers. The crime of DUI with aggravated circumstances has harsher penalties. These circumstances include transporting a child under the age of 12, driving 30 mph or more over the speed limit, driving in the wrong direction, causing an accident while impaired and committing other traffic infractions.


Just in our state in the year 2012, more than 23,000 arrests for driving under the influence were made. Once a motorist has been stopped, law enforcement officials have a number of ways of determining whether a driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The most well-known method is the Breathalyzer test. The driver is asked to breathe into a device that determines blood alcohol content (BAC). A person is legally intoxicated if their BAC is more than 0.08. Under Kentucky’s implied consent law, you provide consent to a consent of your breath or blood by operating a vehicle on Kentucky highways. However, as a practical matter, you can refuse to take such test. There are consequences of a refusal though, such as a pretrial license suspension beginning at your arraignment and, if on a charge of DUI 2nd or greater offense, double the mandatory minimum jail time if convicted.


If you are convicted of DUI 1st offense in Kentucky, you will receive a fine ranging from $200 to $500, your license will be suspended from 30 to 120 days, and you will be referred to complete an alcohol-driver education program before you are allowed to get your license back. You will also spend up to 30 days in jail, although jail is not mandatory unless the case is considered an “aggravated” case. The penalties are stricter if there were any such aggravating factors — for example, if you were driving more than 26 miles over the posted speed, you caused an accident that resulted in serious injury, you had a BAC of 0.15 or above, or you had passengers that were under the age of 12, or (especially in DUI 2nd or greater offense cases), you refused the chemical test requested of you by the police.

The penalties are much stricter for every subsequent time you are arrested and convicted of DUI.


The court system doesn’t always work smoothly. It doesn’t have enough qualified personnel or sufficient resources to do all it should do. The court system functions, but not well; and criminal defendants need to fully understand it and, when possible, use it to their advantage. Police, if they don’t witness an alleged crime first hand, respond to a complaint and perform an investigation. If there’s probable cause, there will be an arrest. It’s up to the prosecution to decide whether there’s enough evidence to file criminal charges. There may be bail hearings, legal arguments that criminal charges should be dropped or prosecution evidence should be limited or excluded. A trial can be with a judge or jury deciding the facts of the case and whether or not the defendant is guilty. At any part of the trial process, the defendant may agree to a plea bargain, which normally means that, in exchange for a guilty plea (possibly to lesser charges), the uncertainty of a trial is removed and the defendant serves a lesser sentence.

What Is a Felony?: a felony could be punished by a year or more in prison. Fines can be from $1,000 to $10,000. A felony is also one that may result in the death penalty.

What Is a Misdemeanor?: a misdemeanor could be punishable by 90 days to a year in prison and fines of up to $250 or $500.


As a result of a conviction, you may need to serve time in jail, pay a fine and make restitution. You may lose your job, your ability to drive, the ability to join the military or obtain life insurance. You may be prevented from working certain jobs or with certain employers. You may also be prevented from obtaining a license for a profession or lose one if you already have one. Your standing within your family, friends and community may also suffer because of a conviction.

Some of the most impactful consequences of DUI convictions are known as collateral consequences, and they include difficulties finding employment, education opportunities, loans and housing. Your best chance of avoiding these consequences is to work with a skilled defense attorney before you are convicted of a crime.

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Lexington DUI Lawyer Dan Carman

Whatever the situation, Lexington DUI lawyer Dan Carman can help. While serving in the armed forces, Dan was a Judge Advocate “JAG” (defense lawyer and prosecuting attorney) for Marine Corps and Navy personnel charged with felonies. This experience gives him distinctive insight into both sides of the legal process, which can be very advantageous to those charged with criminal offenses. He knows how the Kentucky criminal justice system operates and will work closely with you every step of the way.

Based in Lexington, Dan represents clients throughout Kentucky who find themselves on the wrong side of the law. Let him work with you to plan the aggressive defense that you will need.

For a free initial consultation and a conversation about your situation, call the Carman Law Office at (859) 685-1055. We understand that this is a difficult time for you and your loved ones. We want to help.

It’s the first step in turning your life right-side up.

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