Lexington Drug Defense Lawyer

Each year, more people are charged with drug-related offenses nationwide than any other crime. Dan Carman is a skilled drug defense lawyer who helps those charged have the best possible outcome for their case.

In 2012 alone, drug abuse violations resulted in law enforcement’s making over 1.5 million arrests across the country. Over 21,100 of those arrests were in Kentucky. That’s a lot of people who need solid legal advice while they face the possibility of losing their job, their friends, their family, and their freedom.

How Our Lexington Drug Defense Lawyer Can Help

It’s an unfortunate truth that society tends to negatively view anyone charged with a crime, regardless of how the case turns out. The mission of the Carman Law Firm is based on the belief that every accused person is innocent until proven guilty. We understand that bad things can happen to good people. This is especially true for those battling with issues of substance abuse or addiction. If you have been arrested for a drug offense, an experienced drug defense attorney can help.

We provide strong criminal defense to clients throughout the state in communities such as Fayette County, Lexington, Winchester, Georgetown, and Nicholasville. Each of our clients receives the same aggressive and thorough representation, all aimed to take advantage of every opportunity for reduced bond, case dismissal, reduced charges, reduced sentences, and alternatives to imprisonment.

In his years of experience as a Lexington criminal defense attorney, Dan has successfully represented numerous individuals who have been arrested on drug charges. He has defended clients accused of serious felonies as well as lesser crimes and is dedicated to building the best possible defense for every client, depending on the unique circumstances of each case. He knows it can be hard to discuss such personal matters and will do his best to make you feel comfortable. Conveniently located in Lexington, he has helped countless people just like you. Call his office at (859) 685-1055 or fill out our contact form.

Drug Offenses We Handle

The drug defense lawyers at the Carman Law Firm routinely represent clients charged with:

Lexington Drug Conspiracy Lawyer

Have you been accused of agreeing with someone else to illegally distribute drugs? Most times, agreement is sufficient for the charge; actual delivery does not need to occur. A charge of conspiracy is often a supplemental charge, bundled along with more serious accusations of possession or distribution.

Drug Possession in Kentucky

It is not necessary that you have drugs in your pocket to be charged with possession. Rather, the drugs must be simply in your custody and under your control. Though some people consider drug possession a minor crime, it can have major consequences, including imprisonment, probation, lengthy screening periods, and fines.

Drug Distribution/Trafficking

Charges of distribution or trafficking involve the selling, furnishing, or delivering of an illegal drug. If you are found in possession of drugs, you can be accused of distribution if the police believe you intended to sell them. The drug type, the quantity, whether you have any prior offenses, and whether any minors were involved are all factors that will affect the charges and the penalties.

  • Cocaine
    The second most popular recreational drug, cocaine is illegal under both federal and state laws. The penalties for conviction of possessing or trafficking either powder cocaine or crack cocaine can be severe.
  • Controlled substances
    Chapter 218A of the Kentucky Revised Statutes forbids the manufacture, possession, use, and distribution of drugs that have been determined to be dangerous, habit-forming, or inappropriate for use without a prescription. All controlled substances are classified into schedules based on their potential for abuse as well as the medical benefits they provide.
  • Heroin
    Highly addictive, heroin is often cheaper than pain pills and easier to find. It also results in a large number of fatal overdoses and carries stiff penalties for those accused of possession, manufacture, and sale.
  • Marijuana/Pot
    Though societal views toward marijuana have changed in some states, here in Kentucky, as of 2014, all marijuana possession, manufacture, sales, and use is still criminalized.
  • Methamphetamine/Crystal Meth/Meth
    This drug has a high potential for abuse, though it does have some limited medical benefit and is not illegal to use if you have a prescription. If this is your first or second offense related to meth, you may be eligible for participation in a deferred prosecution program.
  • Prescription Drugs
    There are a host of actions that can lead to charges of prescription drug fraud, including lying to your healthcare professional in order to get a controlled substance, giving a pharmacist a forged prescription form, sharing prescribed drugs with someone else, and falsely claiming to have lost drugs from an authentic prescription.

Get An Aggressive Defense From Drug Charges Lawyer Dan Carman

If you have been charged with a drug offense or any crime in Kentucky, the Carman Law Firm offers experienced representation. Dan Carman has practiced law in Kentucky for years, and also served as in-house counsel for an infantry battalion when he was deployed to Iraq as a U.S. Marine. From arrest to appeal, he has the necessary expertise to effectively maneuver your case through the criminal process. Contact him by phone at (859) 685-1055 or by filling out our contact form.