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We all try to learn and move on from past mistakes, but sometimes they come back to haunt us. For some who have pleaded guilty to, or were found guilty of, driving under the influence (DUI) in a Kentucky court, it’s not just the past mistake but a change in Kentucky law that can result in serious problems in the present or future. The Kentucky Supreme Court late last month decided to uphold the application of a state law passed last year that imposes harsher penalties on drivers who admit […]

A bill signed into law by Governor Matt Bevin in March and taking effect beginning in July will make it a hate crime to harm individuals in certain occupations. What has informally been termed the “Blue Lives Matter Law” will be applied July 1 and is intended to make crimes against police, EMS workers and firefighters a hate crime. Along with Louisiana, Kentucky is the second state to sign into law a bill adding stiffer penalties for crimes against first responders. In Kentucky, when an offense is given status of […]

Toy guns are not a new fad. Some might even say they’re as American as apple pie. Even if you’ve never played with a BB gun or water gun, your father or grandfather has likely relayed long, complicated games of Cops and Robbers from their childhood. Then there’s that famous line from the movie A Christmas Story: “You’ll shoot your eye out!” This often repeated phrase is in response to little Ralphie’s most sought-after Christmas wish: A Red Ryder Carbine Action 200-shot Range Model Air Rifle with a compass in […]

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Recent national headlines have been following the story and recent federal jury conviction and death sentencing of Charleston church shooter, Dylann Roof. According to police and Roof’s own words during the trial, he is responsible for killing nine black people, acts committed in the hopes of starting a race war. Roof was facing the death penalty in federal court on 33 charges, including hate crimes, firearm use, and obstruction of religion. A second death penalty trial on nine murder charges is planned in South Carolina state court. While the accusations […]

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Each state has varying requirements in order for someone to serve on a state parole board. There are 52 parole boards in the United States. Once hired, selected or appointed to a parole board, members have distinct responsibilities in order to fulfill their jobs of deciding which felons will be released from prison early on parole and which will not. If a felon is convicted on the federal level, no parole option. (Parole in some areas of the United States, including the District of Columbia, was discontinued in 1987 for […]

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There are a lot of websites out there dedicated to ranking everything from colleges to charities, best barbeque joints to best women’s running shoes. offers the unique service of listing the top three best-rated businesses in 100 wide-ranging categories for around 200 cities in 42 states, including Lexington and Louisville. They do this by checking reviews, history, complaints, ratings, cost, trust, satisfaction and general excellence of local businesses. Only businesses that are verified by Three Best Rated employees are listed. The website displays contact information for the business (such […]