I Have Been Charged With A Crime. Should I Represent Myself Or Hire An Attorney?

March 25th, 2014 by Attorney Dan Carman

It may seem like a good idea to save money and represent yourself in court after being charged with a crime. An experienced criminal defense attorney, however, can be very valuable in explaining to you what is happening and helping you work toward the best possible outcome.

He or she will be able to explain why the prosecution may or may not have enough evidence to convict you of the charge(s), whether you have a defense that you have not considered, and if the prosecution does has enough evidence to convict you, whether there are alternatives to jail or prison available to you, such as mediation, diversion, or probation.

Another advantage to hiring a lawyer is obtaining advice concerning other consequences of your conviction (if you are convicted), and the possibility of expunging the conviction in the future.

Finally, you will benefit from the confidence a lawyer can bring to the courtroom. Defending yourself can be intimidating.

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