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KY Traffic Offense Lawyer

There’s never a good time to see police cruiser lights in your rearview mirror. When a traffic stop results in an arrest for driving under the influence (DUI), the situation goes from being a minor inconvenience to a majorly serious life event. In the year 2013, almost 22,000 DUI arrests were made in Kentucky alone. A sentence upon conviction for even the first offense carries jail time, community service and a fine. Help yourself as soon as possible by following a few tips – and remember that a police officer […]

Ignition Interlock Kentucky

Senate Bill 133, commonly known as the DUI Interlock Bill, will take effect in late June, making Kentucky the 25th state to require breath-alcohol monitors in the vehicles of those who have been caught driving drunk. While the details vary among the states, the underlying goal of deterring drunk drivers is consistent. SB 133 compels repeat DUI offenders as well as first-time aggravated DUI offenders to purchase an ignition interlock for their vehicle in order to receive a hardship license that allows to them to drive to work and certain […]

If you haven’t celebrated your 21st birthday, it’s against the law for you to buy alcohol in Kentucky. The law says that you may not get your older brother to buy you a drink, you may not pay somebody to buy you a six-pack at the package store, and you certainly may not get behind the wheel of a vehicle with alcohol in your possession or with an appreciable amount your system. In trying to get that point across and in an attempt to identify every conceivable way in which […]

Yes, especially if the police officer saw you driving, and you tested positive for alcohol in your system. You should hire an attorney for help in this situation. If you (or a loved one) have been arrested for DUI in Kentucky or in the Lexington area in particular, call my office at (859) 685-1055 for a free consultation.

Sometimes. Bail conditions are set by a judge. In Kentucky, a person arrested for DUI (1st Offense) may be required to post a cash bond in the amount of $500, released upon the signature of a 3rd party and a $25 fee only, released upon his or her own recognizance, or may be required to fulfill other conditions – it is up to the judge. A person arrested for DUI (2nd Offense) or DUI (3rd Offense) may be required to pay a much greater amount of money in order to […]