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The accuracy of more than 20 thousand drunk driving convictions in the state of New Jersey has been called into question on grounds that the breathalyzer tests used to secure the convictions were not admissible. These convictions are not admissible because a New Jersey State Police sergeant responsible for calibrating the breathalyzers falsified the records of calibration on breathalyzers in five New Jersey counties. The New Jersey Supreme Court ruled that breathalyzer tests from the devices with falsified records were inadmissible. This means that the state of New Jersey will […]

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If you’ve dealt with DUI charges in Kentucky, then you’ve likely heard about the “look-back period.” Simply put, the look-back period is the time in which a driver’s record shows past offenses. Kentucky’s look-back period for DUI was five years until it was expanded to 10 years in 2016. This change was applauded by many so-called “tough on crime” advocates, but it has implications for people who have tried to get past a troubling episode in their lives. The Consequences of the Look-Back Period Under the previous five-year look-back period, […]

We all try to learn and move on from past mistakes, but sometimes they come back to haunt us. For some who have pleaded guilty to, or were found guilty of, driving under the influence (DUI) in a Kentucky court, it’s not just the past mistake but a change in Kentucky law that can result in serious problems in the present or future. The Kentucky Supreme Court late last month decided to uphold the application of a state law passed last year that imposes harsher penalties on drivers who admit […]

Boating in Kentucky is supposed to be about having fun and relaxing. Whether it’s to go water skiing, fishing or just enjoying a beautiful day on a pontoon boat, being on the water is supposed to be about getting away from it all. For some, part of boating may be drinking, and if you’re the one piloting a boat you could be arrested for boating while intoxicated (BWI) by conservation officers of the Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources. It’s against the law in Kentucky to operate a vessel, or […]

Legality of Roadblocks

April 21st, 2016 by Attorney Dan Carman

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It’s happened to many of us. You’re traveling along when all of a sudden, you find yourself joining a line of cars being checked by law enforcement. They might be scrutinizing any number of things such as registrations, seatbelt use, or sobriety. Driving while intoxicated is a particularly dangerous activity. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that almost 10,000 people were killed in 2014 in vehicle crashes involving alcohol, 171 of them in Kentucky. Over 872,100 people were arrested that year for driving under the influence, and nearly […]

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Did you hear that? That swishing sound? It was the noise of Governor Bevin’s pen as he signed into law a bill that toughens the punishment for drunk driving. Known as the Brianna Taylor Act, in honor of an Elizabethtown teenager who lost her life to a drunk driver, it was supported on both sides of the aisle. It was sponsored by two Democrats and one Republican, passed the Senate 35-1 and the House 98-0. The measure expands how far back the courts can consider a person’s history of prior […]

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There’s never a good time to see police cruiser lights in your rearview mirror. When a traffic stop results in an arrest for driving under the influence (DUI), the situation goes from being a minor inconvenience to a majorly serious life event. In the year 2013, almost 22,000 DUI arrests were made in Kentucky alone. A sentence upon conviction for even the first offense carries jail time, community service and a fine. Help yourself as soon as possible by following a few tips – and remember that a police officer […]

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Senate Bill 133, commonly known as the DUI Interlock Bill, will take effect in late June, making Kentucky the 25th state to require breath-alcohol monitors in the vehicles of those who have been caught driving drunk. While the details vary among the states, the underlying goal of deterring drunk drivers is consistent. SB 133 compels repeat DUI offenders as well as first-time aggravated DUI offenders to purchase an ignition interlock for their vehicle in order to receive a hardship license that allows to them to drive to work and certain […]