Do You Have To Post Bail If You Are Arrested For A DUI?

March 25th, 2014 by Attorney Dan Carman

Sometimes. Bail conditions are set by a judge. In Kentucky, a person arrested for DUI (1st Offense) may be required to post a cash bond in the amount of $500, released upon the signature of a 3rd party and a $25 fee only, released upon his or her own recognizance, or may be required to fulfill other conditions – it is up to the judge.

A person arrested for DUI (2nd Offense) or DUI (3rd Offense) may be required to pay a much greater amount of money in order to be released from jail while the case is pending. In all cases, however, an attorney can request that the court lower the amount of bail. You should consider hiring an attorney if you would like assistance in having a Defendant’s bond amount reduced.

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